Absurd Bird

This lovely poem is written by my equally lovely and talented 10 year old niece,


Have you ever heard?

Of an absurd bird?

Sitting in a tree

Looking for a bee

But wait a second?

Sitting in a tree?

Looking for a bee?

That is not absurd.

That’s a normal bird.He whistles through his beak,

Hoping for a peak,

Of a little worm,

Going for a squirm.Then he darts right down,

With an angry frown,

Longing for some prey,

To eat that very day.Now he has some food,

What a hungry dude,

It’s going to his nest,

It’ll be the best.His wife will prepare it nice,

His family will want it twice,

Then they’ll go to sleep

You won’t hear a peep. 

© Tiffany Boyle, 2017

(Published with permission)


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