Commuting Hell!


I am so very glad that I am lucky enough to no longer be part of the rat-race . . .

It’s here, the dreaded Friday night,

the ‘home for weekend’ weekly fight.

A queue is stretching car by car.

I am not getting very far.

trafficI huff and puff, I count to ten.

Hurray, we’re moving once again.

But metres on, the brake lights flare.

We are not getting anywhere.

trafficI wish I’d left an hour before.

I know that was my fatal flaw.

But emails landed: ‘ACTION NOW!’

They foiled my plans to beat the crowd.

trafficOkay, I know last week I swore

that when these blighters hit at 4

I’d toss them in my pending Tray

and finish working for the day.

trafficBut conscience pricked, could not ignore

the ‘URGENT’ knocking at my door.

So here I am, another week

surrounded by the honk and beep

trafficof other drives just like me

all wishing they were home and free

and sat with feet relieved of shoes,

a juice in hand, or tea or booze

trafficor time with kids or takeaway

or down the pub or gym, a play.

To eat a meal when it’s not late

or watch the news at six not eight.

trafficBut no, instead, it’s Ground Hog day.

I’m in this metal box to stay.

Just me, the wheel, the brake, the view

of countless others in the queue

trafficuntil at last I turn my car

into my street, oh bliss! hurrah!

Forget commuters still entrapped,

forget frustration, cause I’m back.

trafficNo work for me till Monday when

the long commute begins again.

Back into work, the stretching week

can leave me feeling rather bleak.

trafficThe treadmill of commuters’ life,

of queues, delays, the stress, the strife

until I branch out on my own

and change career to work from home.

trafficThe pleasure of the lost commute,

of ditching my constricting suit.

I know this will not work for some

but oh, for me, my life’s begun.

trafficI do not miss the daily flight –

the fumes, the hassle, bumper fight;

this battle of the daily grind:

the winner’s cup at last is MINE!

champion cup


© Nicky Clifford 2016

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