Enduring Heart


 Oh this love that curls

deliciously, enmeshing my open

heart with every beat.

enduring-heartFor this love, it endures

through the miles and the space,

entrapping us two in eternity,

as one.enduring-heartAnd this love

is stronger than

steel, twisted; as unyielding as

rock; yet as fluid and

changeable as the stream

that gurgles rapturously

from its very source.enduring-heartYou see, my love, if you are far,

my arms still entwined,

your fingers’ caress,

our lips’ perfect brush,

still lingers.enduring-heartSo my love, through the

heavens, I feel the superfluous

encumbrance of physical touch.

We are still as one: one heart

beating, my love, as ‘us’.

© Nicky Clifford 2016

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