Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath WebApple-blossomed trees send

blissful scent on

curious meanders

through confetti-laden boughs. 

Fresh Breath WebSquealing giggles tear

through mill-pond-still air

shaking dormant echoes

into sudden life.Fresh Breath WebLazy loungers lap up

this peaceful pause –

ripples of relaxation tickling

action’s redundant rest.Fresh Breath WebSwooping shadows carried swiftly

in carefree loops

at the wistful whim

of summer’s balmy breeze.Fresh Breath WebMemories of town

and traffic tempers

and parking cars and heated stress

blissfully blurred to a passing dream.Fresh Breath Web

Our garden stretches to

child-playing eternity as

the box-like confines

of former days

disperse to a distant blink.Fresh Breath Web

Reality smiles its

contented sheen

upon my bright

new dawn.


© Nicky Clifford 2016


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