Home is Best


Wherever I roam through the countries and towns,

if a week or an hour or a year,

my heart doesn’t stray from the place that I love;

my home will always be here.

home-is-best Through the thunder and hail or the sun-seekers’ heat

or the rain serenading its beat,

or the fog out to sea or a rainbow’s rich glow,

nothing, but home, can compete.home-is-bestTo the pyramid’s point or the rain forest’s den,

from the mountain’s fine carpet of snow…

to the palm tree oasis, the waterfall’s spray:

“home” is the place I will go.home-is-bestThe riding of horses, canoeing at speed

or skiing the slalom on ice,

to sipping sweet cocktails on balmy hot sands,

relaxing at home would be nice.home-is-bestSo offer me planes and the high life and more,

the speed boats and jet-skis of fun;

a hot air balloon or Ferrari to thrill,

“home” is my real Number One…


© Nicky Clifford 2016





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