Homeward Bound


My house, a home – escape for me

with love and fun – security.

Don’t have to try to live a show,

just being as the “me” they know.

homeward-boundFamiliar walls and homely air.

I love this haven that we share:

relaxing, safe, there is no threat,

but peace of mind is what I get.homeward-boundThe love that doesn’t ask to show,

but need me as the “me” they know.

My guard goes down – can be myself:

a treasured gift surpassing wealth.homeward-boundThe comfort of the love they give,

no better way for me to live.

It fills me up and lifts me high;

no hard demands, just “them” and “I”.homeward-boundAway is nice to get a rest,

but coming back, by far, is best.

I’m glad I’m not alone as “me”.

I love my gorgeous family. XX


© Nicky Clifford 2016


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