Dove Web

When thoughts are whizzing round and round

a hamster on that wheel,

I beg for calm to be my balm,

that life will help me heal.Dove WebWhen things seem black, I cannot see

a glint of love or light.

I wish for hope to help me through,

turn blindness into sight.Dove WebWhen tension weaves its tightness round

my shoulders, through my mind,

I ask for peace, for my release

to help my stress unwind.Dove WebWhen hurried days and hectic life

just drive me to despair,

I crave you know, for speed to slow,

to focus on self-care.Dove WebWhen fears bombard my waking hours,

assault me in my sleep,

I beg for grace to take its place

to help my faith run deep.Dove WebWhen isolated, can’t reach out,

am very much alone,

I wish for love, for light above:

can’t do it on my own.Dove WebWhen others grate upon my nerves

frustrate me, give me pain,

I need love so, to let them go,

to keep me free and sane.Dove WebWhen I feel worthless, low as low;

it’s me I cannot stand;

beg ‘hope’, you see, to nurture me,

walk with me hand in hand.Dove WebWhen indecision pulls and tugs,

don’t know which way is right.

‘Oh please,’ I say, ‘show me the way,

to walk towards the light.’Dove WebWhen hope is at the centre point

I’m held safe within love.

Life’s there for me as I’m set free,

soaring high above.Dove WebSo step by step and hour by hour

I tread this path each day;

self-worth, you see, it values me,

won’t ever turn away.Dove Web

Keep walking forward, do not turn back,

stay in this hopeful place.

Reach out, don’t stop, give all you’ve got,

rest in life’s endless grace.


© Nicky Clifford 2016

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