I went to the Zoo

penguinsI went to the zoo

and what did I do?

I smiled at a tiger –

well, why, wouldn’t you?

I hissed at a snake,

but what a mistake

he spat at me

right in the eye

. . . I could cry!penguinsI rode on a camel,

but bumpity, bump –

it jiggled and joggled,

I fell off its hump!penguinsI picked up a penguin,

it flapped and it flipped,

it pecked with its beak;

it napped and it nipped.penguinsI stood on a ladder

and said to ‘giraffe’,

“you’re very high up,” and

he started to laugh. penguinsI chattered to monkeys;

they wouldn’t stay still,

but hung upside down

and made me feel ill.penguinsI jumped like a rabbit

and what did I see?

A huge kangaroo

was bouncing to me.penguinsI sploshed in some water,

was smelly with mud

when a hippo appeared

with a terrible THUD!penguinsWas wet and disgruntled

I needed a rest,

so up came a zebra

and lent me his vest.penguinsI’m stripy and warm, yet

I feel all alone,

climbed up on a leopard

and he took me home.


© Nicky Clifford 2016

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