Lives On


Your spirit lives on in the hearts that you touched,

with your humour, your kindness, your time;

words simply treasured and gestures of love:

these memories will always be mine.

lives-onYour soft breath caressing a warm summer’s day,

the sun setting golden at night;

dancing reflections that play on the lake,

the surface pierced deeply with light.lives-onA tinkling stream, bubbling up from its source,

the cosy, calm comfort of fire;

your presence, I feel, in all of these things,

my dad, who I truly admire.lives-onCurved teardrops of rain that skate on the leaves,

keen golfers suspended in play;

a photo, your friends, my mother in tears,

all keep you alive in my day.lives-onCan so feel you near me, your rich whispered tones,

your strength, when it all becomes tough;

your wisdom to point me the way I must go,

and love, so I feel good enough.lives-onThough physically speaking, you’re resting in peace,

no more can our eyes drink your light;

as long as the stars appear brightly up high,

you’ll always be part of my life.


© Nicky Clifford 2016

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