Mothers’ Love

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Mothers’ L♥ve scales mountains.

It reaches to the sky.

Mothers’ L♥ve is endless –

grows wings to help you fly.mothers love wingMothers’ L♥ve’s a bright light

that shines to lead the way.

Mothers’ L♥ve’s a caring touch

to guide you through each day. Mothers love x 3Mothers’ L♥ve’s a jewel,

far richer than pure gold.

Mothers’ L♥ve will nurture:

protect as you grow old. mothers love wingMothers’ L♥ve will not be rocked:

stands steadfast in a storm.

Mothers’ L♥ve enriches from

the day that you are born. Mothers love x 3Mothers’ L♥ve believes in you

when others turn their back.

Mothers’ L♥ve will champion

when all around feels black.mothers love wingMothers’ L♥ve, a special gift

to value and hold close.

Mothers’ L♥ve a life line at

the times you need it most. Mothers love x 3Mothers’ L♥ve, you pass it on,

on down your family tree.

Mothers’ L♥ve, the greatest L♥ve:

allows us just to “be”.


© Nicky Clifford 2016


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