Mud and Puddles

wellies webSun is so boring and horribly dry,

nothing to jump in as hard as I try.

Terribly clean

and really not fun.

I wish for some puddles

to rain on the sun.wellies x 2Splish, splosh, splashety-splish.

Jump in the puddles;

I love doing this.

Ooze in the mud,

roll over again.

Nothing is better

than walks in the rain. wellies x 2Who needs a brolly

and who needs a hat?

The wetter, the better,

I’m certain of that.

I stamp and I stomp,

I squelch and I ooze,

the bigger the puddle,

the wetter my shoes. wellies x 2I soak my big brother

and splash my poor mum.

I’m covered in mud, it’s

the BEST ever fun.

My face with mud blotches,

I smell like a drain –

I love it! I love it!

A walk in the rain.


© Nicky Clifford 2016

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