My Body’s Lie

Bodys Lie 2 Web

So intricately enmeshed

with my body’s curves.

Extra pounds shout: “UGLY!”

from protruding hips.

 Bodys Lie 2 WebUngainly ounces

drag self-worth

to fearful depths.

Sagging shelves

avert my eyes’ firm gaze,

as ripples of doubt

imprison me

in despair.Bodys Lie 2 WebThat ‘food’ can tear my heart

into shaking shreds of nothing …Bodys Lie 2 Webuntil – I open my soul to truth

and wrap kind arms

of compassion around

my fleshBodys Lie 2 Webuntil – dawn breaks on the sanity

of love for the fragile me

inside, which quivers,

entrapped in this casing

of painBodys Lie 2 Weband an inner smile shines,

extending its glow of warmth

to melt the

hateful glare

of the icy exterior

of me.


© Nicky Clifford 2016

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