My Gluten Free Haven (Heaven!)

nibsysI discovered that I was intolerant to wheat several years ago. It made grabbing a quick lunch in Reading almost impossible, unless you were lucky enough to come upon the one variety of sandwich offered by Starbucks before the limited stock ran out.

And THEN . . . Nibsy’s arrived (Hurrah!). Everything, but EVERYTHING is gluten free and DELICIOUS, and as a bonus, the café is beautiful and the staff are friendly.

It is now my ‘go-to’ place – great for chats, writing, editing, chilling, etc, etc. I even make a trip into Reading for the specific purpose of enjoying a coffee (decaf) and a slice of their delicious gluten-free (and for me sugar-free) cake, just like a ‘normal’ – although my husband would question that – person! Nibsy’s is SO worth a visit.



I used to wander aimlessly

And pound the Reading streets

Searching for a place which served

Some food that I could eat


I then discovered Nibsy’s, I

Could not believe my eyes . . .

ALL the food is GLUTEN FREE

(I’m in ‘Cake Heaven’ sighs *!*!)


An oh so cosy chatty spot

That welcomes you right in

With yummy ‘melt in mouth’ delights

Send taste buds in a spin


So I no longer look around –

Head straight for Nibsy’s door

You never, ever get your fill . . .

They keep you wanting more . . .

. . . and more

             . . . and more !!!






© Nicky Clifford, 2015

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One thought on “My Gluten Free Haven (Heaven!)”

  1. You did it nicky – your very own writers website – how impressive is that? So proud of you!
    Just shows that perseverance combined with a passionate dream is a powerful life formula and can make anything possible…..
    Love this poem – must visit Nibsys soon xx

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