My Heart is like Ice


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Warm wind through the trees, it ripples the leaves

the sky up above, rich in blue.

While white clouds caress the bottomless sky

some bright rays of sun shine right throughheart like ice webI drink in the beauty, my heart is like ice

I’m frozen inside, looking out

I’m numb with the pain, lived over again

I’m certain I’ll never thaw outheart like ice webMy legs are mechanical, go through the moves

my focus is blurry and grim.

I’m missing a main piece of jigsaw, it’s gone

and no other piece will fit in.heart like ice webMy memory goes wandering, out of control.

I think of the loss that is mine.

Cause ‘never again’ is hard to believe.

I’m searching around for a ‘sign’.heart like ice webA shadow is trailing me, holding me down;

its talons have shut out the hope.

This cavern of loss will swallow me up.

I’m feeling unable to cope.heart like ice webThe days into months through the seasons;

I stumble my way down life’s path.

But small glints of light, they loosen the ice.

I’m slowly relearning to laugh.heart like ice webI’m almost myself, it’s taken so long;

a part of me died with my dad.

Acceptance is tough, truth heightens the pain

as memories are all that I have.


© Nicky Clifford 2016


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