Rhythms of Peace


Rich red shooting drops

of curvy flutes.

rhythms-of-peaceSplendid puffs of ivory,

tangled heads, infused

with hearts of deepest

green.rhythms-of-peaceSmiling faces shyly peak

from lilac-splashed petals,

half-curled in sleepy snooze.rhythms-of-peaceFeathered spikes of

soft-pink heather

pointing upwards to

the sky.rhythms-of-peaceStripped-bare bells

of bluebell splendour,

standing upright, tall

and proud.rhythms-of-peaceSmudged blue sky in

shrouded calm, aglow

with yawning sun’s

first rays.rhythms-of-peaceSplattered clouds in

winding trails of

puffy lines, caressing

dawn’s fresh dewy eyes. rhythms-of-peaceAwakened souls embraced

by beauty of fine nature’s

warm array.rhythms-of-peaceRaising shadows,

lifting fears –

stroking with the vision

of this wondrous,

bright displayrhythms-of-peacefloating on rhythms of peace.

© Nicky Clifford 2016





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