Spooky Spell!


A spider hanging from a thread;

it weaves its silken wonder web

to catch those juicy flies in flight –

eat them for dinner every night.

scary-spellIt has to watch those witches’ cats

collecting things like toes of bats

cause witches’ spells need horrid things

like spiders’ legs and firefly wings.scary-spellShe’ll drop them all into her pot

and chant a spell over the top:

a FLASH of green! A FIZZ! A POP!

It bubbles over, smokes a lotscary-spelland when the misty steam has cleared

this spell created something WEIRD,

a “something” you have never seen

to f-f-frighten you at Halloween:scary-spella pumpkin that can move and speak,

has bright green eyes and pointed beak…

the hissing sound, you MUST beware –

it has a dozen snakes for hair!scary-spellAnd teeth as sharp, as sharp can be,

you must NOT invite it for tea.

It’s quiet and does not make much noise,

but likes to eat up girls and boys…scary-spellso when you trick and treat this year,

do not let THIS pumpkin get near

and only knock at doors you see

where pumpkins look nice and friendly!

 © Nicky Clifford 2016

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