Still Morning


Still. Peace. Quiet.

Dew-touched webs

glisten in half-baked


still-morningFeathered birds hop

and twitter, busy in their

insect-picking lives.still-morningCalling doves coo

and lull the early

breeze in dulcet tones.still-morningShadows yawn and stretch –

monopolise the damp grass

till rays of sun invade

the blades in triumph.still-morningLight breezes twitch

tree branches, flutter

leaves in impish play.still-morningHazy mists enwrap

sweet nature’s scene

in mystery’s shrouded

capestill-morningtill car-exhausts and traffic

tremors rip across stilled airstill-morningtill children bounce and stamp

on peace with footsteps

of excitementstill-morningtill shops call out their wares

and morning chill is shaken to

such frantic busy-pace

of human-being days.


© Nicky Clifford 2016


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