Stormy Haven


Those stormy skies and thunderous clouds,

the wind attacked all round;

It pushed and pulled, without respect,

disturbing al it found. 

stormy-havenAs curling waves tossed up and down,

exploding on the shore;

the beach bereft of human life,

deserted, except for…stormy-havenfor me, I stood and raged in tune,

emotions running wild;

the tears, the angst, despairing so:

a wilful, teenage child.stormy-havenRejecting all I’d left behind,

outsider to my past;

yet stroked and nurtured, strangely and

at peace, out there, at last.stormy-havenThe crashing turmoil churning fast,

the anger so unleashed;

at one, we were, the storm and I

that evening on the beach.


© Nicky Clifford 2016



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