Sweet Temptation

cakeI used to be a slave to the sweet stuff . . .

With sweet temptation all around

I know that I’ll succumb

The icing dribbling down the cake

And criss cross currant bunsweet tempsOh sweet temptation, you attract

And ooze and call to me

A ‘death by chocolate’, next I spot

Please come and set me freesweet tempsMy sweet temptation, nice and cool

On sunny days, or not

A rich ice cream, with caramel

I must devour the lotsweet tempsThis sweet temptation’s calling and

I really can’t ignore

A cookie shop, aroma’s out

With flavours I adoresweet tempsFor sweet temptation, Christmas day

Is worse than Easter’s glut

Mince pies and pudding, Christmas cake

A chocolate covered nutsweet tempsNo sweet temptation can I pass

I have to eat the stuff

Full to the brim with overload

I think I’ve had enoughsweet tempsBut sweet temptation hasn’t heard

Of modesty or ‘no’

With tummy full, resistance down

And back for more I gosweet tempsIf sweet temptation let me have

All savoury for a week

I’d simply love my salads and

Would not crave something sweetsweet tempsThe sweet temptation truth is such

It won’t give me a rest

It’s won the battle of my will

As ‘sweet’ for me is best

© Nicky Clifford 2001

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