Christmas Creative Abyss

Father Christmas ColourWhen our 20 week ‘Write a Novel’ course finished a few years ago, eight of us from the course set up a writing group. We arranged to meet up in December (me hosting) with the intention of reading our festive flash-fiction pieces. 

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Where Am I?

where am i colourI wrote this when my two boys, who are now teenagers, were one and four. I loved and doted on them, but to escape for a weekend was BLISSFUL!

I was amazed when BBC Year of the Artist published this poem on their website.

  I’m “mum”, and I’m rushing to get out on time

I’m wiping a nose as I run

I’m rubbing a bruise and making a drink

And trying to make it all fun

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Any Old Buttons?

buttons colour

I have a big jar of buttons in my sewing box. I can’t seem to get rid of them even though, over the years, I have probably only made use of a handful of these buttons. So it got me thinking (lots of things do!) what would happen if someone became obsessed with buttons and how that would impact their lives and the lives of those around them . . .

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