This Pace

This PaceBusy, hectic, running –

time is catching up


So much to do.

So much to do.

I’m late


This PaceNever ending lists.This PaceCars speeding, hooting,

revving, racing –

red lights wait

just for me.This PaceI don’t feel free –

bound by time.

Chained to deadlines,

appointments to keep,

no time to sleep.This PaceRushing! Grab a snack!

I snap

and urge, “COME ON!”This PaceChildren trailing, panic rising,

heart beat poundingThis PaceuntilThis Paceblissful release from this

tiring treadmill:

relentless roundabout.

Cease chasing this life of mine.This PaceCalm breath, slow pace,

no frown, no hurry.

A lazy smile,

a leisurely while.

Wind down to bathe

in relaxation –

no vexation for today.This PacePulse trailing to

a carefree rhythm






© Nicky Clifford 2016

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