When Life

When Life Web

When life stands still and all around

time ticks away its beat;

air thick to breathe, yet every sense

is heightened to its peak.When Life WebMy heart it pounds a quickened pace,

my mind is buzzing fast,

but all the while, I’m looking at

the world through frosted glass.When Life WebAnd I become observer in

the life that was once mine

as normal things continue on

the outside, slowing time.When Life WebIt’s hard to move, my limbs weighed down

as shock attacks within.

My days are blurred – reality

is starting to sink in.When Life WebAnd all that seemed important is

so cruelly swept away.

The little things are nothing as

big drama drowns my day.When Life WebI’m blinkered to the world around;

my whole life’s put on hold

I’m willing he’ll recover – it’s

my only pot of gold.When Life WebAnd when he’s home, relief invades:

the tears, uplifting joy.

Restored from pale and listless to

my rough and tumble boy.


© Nicky Clifford, 2016

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