When . . .

when-leaves When autumn trees shed their leaves

like snakes discarding skins;

they start anew, a fresher view

reborn again in spring.

when-leavesWhen hardships blight our daily life

and tarnish all that’s good;

release them quick, don’t let them stick,

so light shines as it should.when-leavesWhen clouds of rain grow dark again,

block out the joy of sun;

the rainbow’s glow helps colours flow

and paints the sky with fun.when-leavesWhen hearts are dim, can’t let love in

as shadows rule with fear;

a chink of hope, can help you cope

as trust will then appear.when-leavesWhen tension winds as anger binds

deep fury in your soul;

a trail of peace grants you release

and helps you to feel whole.when-leavesWhen day on day, you strive away,

yet feel you’re stuck, can’t move;

accept your lot, and all you’ve got

and watch as things improve.when-leavesWhen you aren’t heard, you feel absurd

as futile as a ‘dot’;

so stand your ground, don’t turn around,

your words are worth a lot.when-leavesWhen time runs fast and life flies past,

you’re caught within its grip;

slow down, deep breath, rest more, do less,

for it’s your life you’ll miss.when-leavesWhen all’s a trudge, a daily drudge,

just step each step each day;

the good times come for everyone,

have faith they’ll pass your way.

© Nicky Clifford, 2016

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