Wizardy Witch!

wizard new webI want to be a wizard

or I’d be a witch instead

I’d wave around my magic wand

and spin round Mummy’s head.

Wizard new 3

I’d make my brother hop like frogs

and make my daddy bark,

turn pebbles into sweeties and

would make my room a park.

Wizard new 3

I’d magic teacher’s little nose

to grow into a pole,

and use a spell to turn our cat

into a purple mole.

Wizard new 3

I’d magic wings onto my back

to fly around at night;

I’d look just like a shooting star,

until I curled up tight

Wizard new 3

into my bed, a sleepy head,

I put my wand away

and think up lots of naughty tricks

to play another day!

© Nicky Clifford 2016

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