When a special someone holds out their hand and hangs on

steadily through everything.Through dark clouds overshadowing

the sun caught in a trap;

through violent storms and lightening shafts,

no thought of turning back.Through tangled woods when wandering,

no route to gently guide;

through lashing seas, unruly waves,

you cling on to survive.Through mazes leading nowhere fast,

dead ends assault all hope,

and row on row in battle fields,

I don’t know how you cope.Through ups and downs, and down again,

with dreams slashed at a whim;

through expectations battered and

yet on and on you swim . . .You see the sun rays’ hint of light

of vivid reds and golds;

you trust behind there lies a wealth

of colours to unfold.You see that storms will pass in time

and part to show blue sky;

that rain will halt and lightening cease,

so you and me can fly.You see the path that’s overgrown

and know that every stride

will move you ever closer to

the view the trees can’t hide.You see the maze built to confuse,

but know to persevere

will bear the fruit of freedom to

move onwards, without fear.You see that stormy waves will still;

smooth water’s restful peace,

so live in faith and where there’s trust,

the gift of self-belief.You see that downs and ups will calm

and life will steer us through;

you see our future calling us,

together – me and you


© Nicky Clifford, 2016

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