Being Me (2)

Being Me 2 Web“Who am I?” I ask. I cry.

I’m lost and can’t be found.

I’m held together with some tape,

unravelling pound by pound.Being Me 2 WebNot you, not her, not him, not them,

I must, must not compare;

living others’ lives will simply

drive me to despair.Being Me 2 WebThe “me” inside is kidnapped and

held ransom in a cell

as expectations throttle me

inside my “living hell”.Being Me 2 WebI’m so afraid of looking odd

or just not fitting in.

I dare not bare my soul to you.

I shrink beneath my skin.Being Me 2 WebI plaster on my “social smile”,

excel at saying: “Yes!”

The true, true me hides in the shade;

I live my life in stress.Being Me 2 WebUntil one day a seedling grows

and sprouts a shoot of hope

that wakens dormant parts of me

signposting how to copeBeing Me 2 Webwith digging deep and finding me:

my likes, my hates, my dreams;

to sew the gaps within my self

and reattach the seams.Being Me 2 WebTo learn to say: “Thank you, but NO!”;

no longer have to hide.

I show the world the “me” within

to match the “me” outside.Being Me 2 WebTo get to know the “me” I am,

not be too scared to show

the myriad of characters

you’ve yet to get to know.Being Me 2 WebMy ups and downs, the good, the bad,

the whole of me I see;

I see and open to the world:

I’m finally set free.Being Me 2 WebThe most important part of this

explosion that is “me”:

to know that I’m not perfect and

do not pretend to be.Being Me 2 WebI know the “me” I really am.

I hold my head up high:

no longer searching for my soul –

united “me” and “I”.

© Nicky Clifford 2016


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