I was quite “Trendy” . . . once!

Trendy colourWith a baby and a three year old, I found it almost impossible to get out of the door looking anywhere as near polished as I used to. In fact, some days, I really did resemble someone who had been sleeping rough for a few nights. I couldn’t understand how some women could turn up with four or five children and look as if they had just walked out of a beauty salon. I wrote this poem on a particularly bad day when a large part of me was grieving the pre-baby me. Continue reading I was quite “Trendy” . . . once!

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Twitter Madness!

tweetIt’s crazy, I seem to be spending far more time on Twitter than on my actual writing – it’s like Facebook on speed. And totally addictive! It munches up the hours as effectively as a ravenous Pac-Man (now I am showing my age!).

tweetForget Dr Who, forget Sci-Fi, forget Sherlock, the world of Twitter takes me to a whole new level of awareness and perception (and more than occasional confusion . . . ).

tweetAnd all, if I am completely honest, because I would love as many people as possible to read my debut novel, ‘Never Again’ when I self-publish on Kindle in the Spring. And whilst the process of writing itself has many fulfilling moments, there is nothing more wonderful than someone getting pleasure from reading the very words I have spent months slaving over.

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My Gluten Free Haven (Heaven!)

nibsysI discovered that I was intolerant to wheat several years ago. It made grabbing a quick lunch in Reading almost impossible, unless you were lucky enough to come upon the one variety of sandwich offered by Starbucks before the limited stock ran out.

And THEN . . . Nibsy’s arrived (Hurrah!). Everything, but EVERYTHING is gluten free and DELICIOUS, and as a bonus, the café is beautiful and the staff are friendly.

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Biting the Bullet!

Tea colourSo it is a Tuesday morning, with a pot of tea (Redbush – caffeine makes me jittery . . .) by my side. What better time to release my precious, nurtured submissions into the ether to be poked and prodded and examined by a number of literary agents (do you hear that rattle quaking in my boots?)?

So I must stop procrastinating and get to it.

Fingers crossed ….. !

News Flash:  One reject before the day was out . . . never mind – plenty to go!

I still hold out a glimmer of hope for the remaining sample chapters waiting   (im)patiently on the literary agents’ desks.

Toes crossed ….. !

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Christmas Creative Abyss

Father Christmas ColourWhen our 20 week ‘Write a Novel’ course finished a few years ago, eight of us from the course set up a writing group. We arranged to meet up in December (me hosting) with the intention of reading our festive flash-fiction pieces. 

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Where Am I?

where am i colourI wrote this when my two boys, who are now teenagers, were one and four. I loved and doted on them, but to escape for a weekend was BLISSFUL!

I was amazed when BBC Year of the Artist published this poem on their website.

  I’m “mum”, and I’m rushing to get out on time

I’m wiping a nose as I run

I’m rubbing a bruise and making a drink

And trying to make it all fun

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