My Gluten Free Haven (Heaven!)

nibsysI discovered that I was intolerant to wheat several years ago. It made grabbing a quick lunch in Reading almost impossible, unless you were lucky enough to come upon the one variety of sandwich offered by Starbucks before the limited stock ran out.

And THEN . . . Nibsy’s arrived (Hurrah!). Everything, but EVERYTHING is gluten free and DELICIOUS, and as a bonus, the café is beautiful and the staff are friendly.

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Christmas Creative Abyss

Father Christmas ColourWhen our 20 week ‘Write a Novel’ course finished a few years ago, eight of us from the course set up a writing group. We arranged to meet up in December (me hosting) with the intention of reading our festive flash-fiction pieces. 

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Where Am I?

where am i colourI wrote this when my two boys, who are now teenagers, were one and four. I loved and doted on them, but to escape for a weekend was BLISSFUL!

I was amazed when BBC Year of the Artist published this poem on their website.

  I’m “mum”, and I’m rushing to get out on time

I’m wiping a nose as I run

I’m rubbing a bruise and making a drink

And trying to make it all fun

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