Do Stop It!

Do Stop It Web

Please don’t fiddle with her hair –

it’s driving Jane into despair

And no, you must not hit her, lad.

Once more and I will call your dad.Do Stop It WebIt is not nice to spoil their game.

You come away, now what’s your name?

And Paul you should not draw on Jo;

get some paper. Go on! Go!Do Stop It WebNo, not so loud, I just can’t hear.

That dancing’s nice, don’t poke her ear.

And do be gentle with small Sue:

she’s only little – stop it! YOU!Do Stop It WebAnd James, you do not bite him there.

Into the corner with you, Clare.

And Peter, you have spilt your drink;

a beaker for you next, I think.Do Stop It WebDon’t grab the biscuits, try to share.

No, one’s enough and five’s not fair.

And Thomas, please don’t jump on Ted.

Now look, he’s gone and hit his head.Do Stop It WebYour nose, Alana, please come here.

It’s running. Caught a cold? I fear.

And Jade, you say you need a wee?

Who’d like to watch a DVD?Do Stop It WebIt’s three ‘o’ clock, with tempers frayed

and every child has disobeyed.

It is with such relief, I sigh

when every child has said goodbye,Do Stop It Weband peace descends upon the hall:

no noise, no cries, no one at all.

I tidy, sweep and feel insane:

tomorrow it begins again!


© Nicky Clifford, 2016

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