Escape poem web

A dark fortress

armed with sturdy turrets,

twisted, foreboding iron

warding off unwelcome

guests.Escape poem webI was lost and

wandering alone;

aimlessly languishing

in dank, dark

passages, with no

direction or careEscape poem webtill a tiny ray of

warmth leapt through

my soul, igniting

this flame of hopeEscape poem webthat flickered and

dashed through my

veins, shaking

inspiration into

life.Escape poem webDull eyes shone

with sparkles,

heart jolted

into love, mouth

rippled with smiles.Escape poem webHeavy steps sprung lightly

with intention, joy

flooding in blissful release.Escape poem webA single backward glance

as I broke free from my prison,

shook off surly tethers

and walked towards

freedom, without



© Nicky Clifford, 2016

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