Gasping for Breath


When life swallows me whole

and I’m rushed off my feet;

when I come up for air

as I try to compete

gasping-for-breathwith the deluge of duties

of chores and the rest

of the pressures, and demands;

life feels like a test.gasping-for-breathWhen I’m gasping for free time

I’m craving some peace;

when my balance is skew-whiff,

calm feels out of reachgasping-for-breathtill I slam on the brakes and

I take a deep breath;

I slow down my thinking

and make myself rest,gasping-for-breathI take time to drink in

the beauty, the world.

I make time to listen;

to let life unfurl.gasping-for-breathI pull off my blinkers

and find I can see

a myriad of colours

explode around me.gasping-for-breathMy heart rate thumps slower;

My brain becomes still.

I let go of worries

and kick out self-will.gasping-for-breathMy days take on balance;

I’m drawn back to me.

This fragmented person

is finally free. 

© Nicky Clifford, 2016

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