I care for me

I take the stick I use to beat

myself into the ground

and throw it out because, you know,

I don’t need it around.

I listen to my feelings and

I try to hear my needs;

I rest when I am weary and

I go where my heart leads.I kick out ‘Mrs Perfect’, who

expects the world and more . . .

remove the ice within my soul

to sail to my heart’s shore.I tell myself I’m okay when

the road’s a bumpy path;

I let me ‘be’ just as I am

to stamp or cry or laugh.I take my foot right off the gas

that’s driving me insane;

make time to smell the roses and

chill out, find peace again.I speak my truth despite the fear

of what the world will say;

I set my boundaries firm and strong,

believe in me, each day.And do a bit of exercise

to enjoy not endure . . .

and try to eat a balanced diet,

with cake, of course, for sure!Be kind to me and nurture me

and pat me on the back;

and when I’m tired and feeling low,

I cut myself some slack.I treat myself to little gifts

that make my heart soar high;

avoid, say ‘no’ to anyone,

who’s rude to ‘me’ and ‘my’.To face the things I know are tough,

not swerve away and run;

it gives me self-respect, esteem:

by facing fears, I’ve won.I ask for help and share my pain,

not hide myself away

and don’t forget that having fun

brings colour to my day.I try to love myself each step

whatever comes my way;

surround myself by those who love

the ‘me’ I am today.


© Nicky Clifford 2017

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