I’d rather be

Astronaut Web

I’d like to be a soldier and

I’d march and stand up straight.

I’d like to be a cook and I’d put

slugs on people’s plates. Astronaut 3I want to be a pilot and I’d

fly planes fast as light.

I want to be an astronaut:

drive round the moon at night. Astronaut 3I’d rather be a policeman and

I’d throw thieves into jail.

I’d rather be a postman and

deliver all the mail. Astronaut 3I think I’d be a doctor and

I’d bandage up the sick.

I think I’d be a builder and

drive diggers very quick. Astronaut 3Though when I’m feeling tired or when

I fall and hurt my knee

I’d always run straight home to mum:

I’d rather be a “me”


© Nicky Clifford, 2016

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