Memory’s Lane

Time WebWhen dad died,

time stood still.Time x 3 webThe racetrack of life

rushed past.


in my grieving bubble,

echoes rebounded,

but nothing


the icy me

within. Time x 3 webShock waves

fizzed and circled,

emotions frozen

inside my

slowly-beating heart. 

Time x 3 webLoss cried

deep tears of pain,

as reality sidled

noiselessly into

my trembling prison

of disbelief. Time x 3 webDespair pattered


plunging me downwards,


leaden-weary limbs. Time x 3 webAnger choked and stormed,

enraging social niceties,

churning up my world.Time x 3 webMiles travelled along grief’s journey –

sharp twists and turns,


soft glimpses of peace

as fond memories

flutter and gleam,

heralding past images’

welcome release.Time x 3 webDark shadows transform

to wistful flickers

of joyful recognition,

held close in

nostalgia’s misty embrace. 


© Nicky Clifford, 2016



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