Men O Pause

Menopause new web

So why this name? It makes no sense

that “men” are in this clause,

or maybe women at that time

make men go “o” and pause…Menopause new webWith sleepless tossing, turning yawns,

I’m feeling wide awake,

yet drop-dead tired at the same time;

it’s not a happy state.Menopause new webI wonder if I’ll ever think

of what I had to do?

I try hard to remember but

my thoughts keep slipping throughMenopause new webthat holey net that is my mind,

the wires I know are frayed

and faulty, and connection’s poor:

in total disarray.Menopause new webAnd suddenly, a furnace lights

a flush that heats me through;

I’m burning up, as if on fire

or ill in bed with flu.Menopause new webI’m nervy where I once stood strong.

My confidence has fled

as if all that I once possessed

has muddled in my head.Menopause new webI keep forgetting words, you know,

that thing, that one, that errrr;

my former mind has clouded to

a hormone-fested blur.Menopause new webThe milk in with the cereals?

My son points in despair.

I’ve lost my keys the seventh time,

put foot-cream in my hair.Menopause new webIt doesn’t stop its harsh assault

but battles on and on;

my waist has disappeared, it’s thick,

my taut skin’s also’s gone.Menopause new webAnd at the slightest, tiny thing,

the flood gates open wide

and tears cascade across my cheeks

in a tsunami tide.Menopause new webSome opt to swallow HRT

to simmer down the fire,

to level out the bumpy path

and help them through this mire.Menopause new webAnd just to add insults on top,

this isn’t a fast ride:

the men’o’pause can last for years –

there is nowhere to hide.Menopause new webNow, why the name? “The time of life?”

The truth is far from that.

“Time of your life?” I don’t think so:

hot, muddled, tired and fat.Menopause new webThink men are lucky not to have

the men-o-pause? Like hell!

The poor guys have to live with us…

and drive fast cars as well…Menopause new weband hit on women half their age

and dye their hair from grey

and splash out on ripped jeans and wear

a baseball cap each dayMenopause new weband “groove” to music that they thought

was “noise” and not much else,

but feel they have to grab their chance

while still in quite good healthMenopause new webbefore they draw their pensions and

the bald is hard to hide

before their paunch can’t be constrained

with belts, however wide.Menopause new webBefore their cover’s blown and they

must give in to their age

and sit and read the papers with

Sudoku – all the rage!Menopause new webSo men-o-pause; a curse for all –

know what you’ve got to do?

Drive off in his sports car to raves

Cause that will get you through…

© Nicky Clifford 2016

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2 thoughts on “Men O Pause”

  1. That’s brilliant! I’m sharing every minute of my wife’s menopause and it’s brought us closer together. Sleepless nights? So we have tea and crumpets in bed at 3 a.m!

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