Outside of Me

Outside of Me Web

My blinkers on, my life is small

I can’t climb from my head at all.

I’m trapped within my body’s walls:

depression’s cloak, as darkness falls.

I miss the gifts surrounding me.

I wish and wish that I could see

beyond this curled up ball of black,

the endless hours of ‘me-attack’.

I’m blind to nature all around.

I’m lost; just waiting to be found. Outside of Me WebLong journey back to me is tough.

This harsh terrain is very rough.

But bit by bit a chink of light

starts shining till its bold and bright.

Rich warmth, a glow that lifts my heart.

New day is dawning, brand new start.

Black darkness shrinks and I’m set free.

My eyes are opened, I can see.

No longer miss the many things:

the joy that simple pleasure brings.

I’ve woken up from out of self –

the richest gift of any wealth.

Locked deep inside, and now set free

to live my life outside of me. 


© Nicky Clifford, 2016



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