The Toddler “Experience”

Feedback colourI will never, ever forget my two as toddlers . . .  hmm!

Feedback colour‘Can I put your nappy on?’ and

‘Can I get you dressed?’

Every simple question is just

Bound to get us stressed . . .

Feedback colourIt’s ‘NO!’ to this and ‘NO!’ to that

The ‘Y’ word’s left to rot

It’s ‘NO!’ to coat and when he’s cold

It’s ‘mummy’ who forgot!

Feedback colourI want a ‘this’, I want a ‘that’

And NOW is FAR too late

I’ll scream and throw a tantrum if

I’m EVER made to wait

Feedback colourI like to play with others’ toys

But they cannot have mine

And ‘share’ means they must let me play

With their toys all the time.

Feedback colourWhen mummy’s talking on the phone

I don’t know how to play

I’m getting no attention so

I make her look my way

Feedback colourI know a lot of naughty things

That mummy can’t ignore

Like jumping on my favourite toys

Or swinging from the door . . .

Feedback colourYet strange to say, the very time

We have to rush away

My toys seem so compelling that

I want to stay and play

Feedback colourAnd energy and energy

I never seem to stop

Activities! Activities!

I have to DO a LOT . . .

Feedback colourWhen bed time comes, and cuddled up

Asleep in mounds of quilt

You think of tempers lost that day

And feel consumed with guilt

Feedback colourBut ‘angel’ faces they may be

Till six o clock and then . . .

The maddess of the toddler

Awakes to RULE again

 © Nicky Clifford, 1998

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